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Selection Procedure

AFE Selection Procedure

  • On getting the demand of the employer with relevant official documents we take the permission of concerned government authorities and advertise our demand through newspapers, Radio and Television.
  • We are having processing information for thousands of semiskilled and skilled workers with the help of our data bank. We keep always augmenting the data bank through process of continuous conducting of trade/skill test and interviews round the year.
  • Sometimes we get additional work force through local factories, Ministry of Labours, Vocational Institutes and other affiliated Agencies.
  • We compile the Bio-Data for the workers, in corporation there in the comprehensive information retaining to the workers past tract record sets.
  • When the preliminary screening is over the individual applicant is given an oral interview by Al-Furqan Enterprises interviewing staff having experience in the same trade/skills. The interviews are observation/recommendations there after entered on the appropriate places of the applicant's application.
  • Sometimes written test is required applicant is asked for a written test. After the written test, trade/skill testing is conducted, This is the very important step where the applicant's skill is actually tested at the site according to the conditions and requirements of the employer.

Now after is it ascertained that worker has the required knowledge, skill to perform the requited job prior to his final selection the following points also are taken care of:

  • Background, social conduct, behavior, Self-confidence, Verbal ability, involvement in the political activities, Capacity for self-reflection belief in critical situations, etc.
  • Psychological testing in case of highly skilled and professional.
  • Detailed medical certification according to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and G.C.C. System.

The final selection of the applicant is done by unanimous decision of the placement committee. Testing and interviewing staff and the representative of the overseas principal. It already attended the screening. Interviewing and skill test.